Slag of Open-hearth Furnace Process Handling Complex 200 tph (Ukraine, 2000)

Customer: Open Company firm "Interprom" Moskowskaya street, 48, Alchevsk, Ukraine.
Slag of OJSC "Alchevsk metallurgical combine"

December 2000

Brief description

Features of the complex

Raw material: slag of open-hearth furnace process (partial processing is fabricated)

Capacity: 200 tons per hour.

Term of construction and erection work: ~4 months.

General planner: “Giprostal”, Kharkov

Fractionary composure of the finished products:

Fractionary road metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm

Metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm, 250+ mm

Firebrick gritting

The first project of company AMCOM LLC in Ukraine. Works under this project have been begun in 2000.

In territory JSC "Alchevsky metallurgical combine" it was planned to install a complex on processing metallurgical slag, that considerably to reduce the areas slag and to provide combine with necessary raw material for metallurgical shops.

The equipment of company AMCOM LLC has arrived to Ukraine in the autumn of 2000. In parallel with it there was a preparation of a platform under installation and constructions for processing finished goods.

The combine itself has acted as the general contractor. Design works by institute "GiProMez" carried out Kharkov.

The first operational experience in the market of Ukraine has appeared very successful not only for company AMCOM LLC, but also for Customer (Combine).

Less than for three months, installation and adjustment of a complex have been finished. Solemn opening a complex on processing metallurgical slag of Alchevsk metallurgical combine on December, 20th, 2000 took place.

From the first for work behind work of a complex experts of our company observed. All categories of maintenance, including current and unforeseen repairs, were carried out by employees of company AMCOM LLC.

Economic results of work of the enterprise have surpassed all expectations. The complex has paid back less than for a year. Following inquiries of the consumer, for this time, parameters of quality of an end-product (a breakage for shops of combine) have been improved.

The Springtime 2007 is signed agreement on construction of the second complex on conversion metallurgical slag on Alchevsk Metallurgical Integrated Plant. In this complex were a marketed best ideas and life lengths specialist AMCOM LLC in the field of conversions slag.

Autumn 2008 second complex on conversion metallurgical slag was delivered in usage.

Now company AMCOM LLC offers technological complexes with an opportunity quickly to change, during processing, the basic parameters of quality in a wide range.