Rolling Mill Scrap Handling Complex 150 tph (Ukraine, 2002)

Customer: Open Company firm "Intervtorprom" Lipovaya str., 1, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Slag of "Nizhnedneprovsky pipe production plant"

August 2002

Brief description

Features of the complex

Raw materials: rolling mill scrap

Capacity: 150 tons per hour.

Term of construction and erection work: ~3 months.

Fractionary composure of the finished products:

Nonmetallic fraction: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm

Metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm, 250+ mm

Having received excellent economic results from introduction on Alchevsky metallurgical combine of the equipment and the technology, company AMCOM LLC suggests to install a complex on Nizhnedneprovsky Pipe Plant. A place an arrangement of slag - an industrial part of the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Volumes - nearby 4 million tons.

Proceeding from conditions of the concrete enterprise, the company offers the scheme of installation by productivity of 150 tons/hour. Feature of this complex is the underestimated requirements to a received non-metallic product. The structure of this slagВ does not allow to achieve some qualitative rubble for road construction (sandy slag). For this reason, qualitative extraction of a magnetic component, became the primary goal of a complex. In 2001 experts of company AMCOM LLC have visited a prospective place for construction of a complex. Trial lots of a material with slag of Nizhnedneprovsky Pipe Plant have been advanced on already existing equipment of JSC "Interprom" (Alchevsk metallurgical combine). Results pleased. The contents of a metal component and its quality, promised fast return of investments.

The winter of 2002, signs the contract with company AMCOM LLC on delivery of a complex and mobile technics. The equipment is delivered to spring of 2003 to the customer and there is begun installation. In a month Solemn start of a complex on May, 22nd, 2003 took place. 

Employees AMCOM LLC work on the very first day at again created enterprise of JSC firm "Intervtorprom" also. Their tasks: include training the personnel, daily service of the equipment of a complex and mobile technics. Besides company AMCOM LLC offers the services on delivery and installation of spare parts. In conditions of process production, from efficiency in this question much depends. 

In current of 10-11 months, the equipment has paid back, investments have been returned.

Today there is a question on increase of productivity of a complex twice. Making use of already existing experience, company AMCOM LLC has undertaken escalating of capacity of a complex. Shortly productivity of a complex on JSC firm "Intervtorprom" becomes equal 300 tons/hour.