Slag of Open-hearth Furnace and Converter Processes Handling Complex 300 tph (Ukraine, 2007)

Customer: OJSC "Metallurgical combine "Azovstal" Leporskogo str., 1, Mariupol, 87500, Ukraine

March 2007

Brief description

Features of the complex

Raw materials: slag of open-hearth furnace and converter processes (partial processing is fabricated)

Capacity: 300 tons per hour.

Term of construction and erection work: ~3 months.

General planner: «Azovgipromez», Mariupol

Fractionary composure of the finished products:

Fractionary road metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm

Metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm, 250+

Firebrick gritting, nonmagnetic metal

The works on the project for the metallurgic combine "Azovstal" in Mariupol, Ukraine, have begun in 2003. Based on the experience gained from two projects (at that time Alchevsk metallurgic combine and Nizhnedneprovsk pipe factory), AMCOM LLC proposed a complex, in which large parts of material were sorted via a drum screen in the early steps of the process.

A similar solution had already been implemented in the Ukraine in 1998 (Yenakievo, Donetsk region, Ukrainian-Finnish JSC "Ecometall"). Furthermore, our specialists have perfected and improved many of the material reloading nodes. Special attention was paid to the possibility of fine tuning the equipment for achieving the necessary product quality and thus reaching the most effective economic results.


At the end of 2003 there was signed the contract between AMCOM LLC and "Azovstal" Iron and Steel Works (Mariupol, Ukraine), for delivery the slag handling equipment recycling complex and mobile equipment. The equipment set also included two hydraulic excavators KOMATSU PC450 and a wheeled loader KOMATSU WA470, which have proven themselves very well working in such conditions.

The first equipment deliveries begun already, in February of 2004. In parallel with them, the site for the slag recycling complex was being prepared with the combine's resources. In the end of May 2004 the equipment had been delivered to the combine and the complex construction has started.

Within a record short time frame the equipment was installed by the AMCOM LLC specialists. On July 24th, 2004 the grand opening of the slag recycling complex of the metallurgic combine "Azovstal" took place.

An accepted decision was At January 2007 about construction of the second complex on conversion slag metallurgical production of the combine "Azovstal".

At March 2007 began to work the second complex on conversion slag metallurgical production of the combine "Azovstal".

In the present time the complex is working and is returning to the combine the much needed materials for the steel mill, the black furnace shop and the sintering plant.