Slag of Electric Steelmaking Process Handling Complex 300 tph (Ukraine, 2007)

Customer: OJSC "Electrometallurgical works "Dneprospetsstal" Yuzhnoye Shosse 81, Zaporozhye, 69008, Ukraine

June 2007

Brief description

Features of the complex

Raw materials: slag of electric steelmaking process

Capacity: 300 tons per hour.

Term of construction and erection work: ~2 months.

General planner: SOE «Giproprom» Zaporozhye

Fractionary composure of the finished products:

Fractionary road metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm

Metal: 0-10 mm, 10-60 mm, 60-250 mm, 250+

Nonmagnetic metal

At December 2006 are entered into agreement on supply of the complex on conversion metallurgical slag with metallurgical combine "Dneprospetsstal". The Scheme of the technological process similar to scheme of the complex on Mariupol metallurgical combine of the name Ilyicha. Change were contributed in managerial system by complex, which not only gives exhausting information on all mechanism, but also has simplified the process complex management. New managerial system by complex is built on base of the product Beckhoff.

At February 2007 begin commence supply of the equipment for combine "Dneprospetsstal". The montage of the complex will begin At April.

The inauguration of the complex took place At May 2007 on conversion metallurgical slag on metallurgical combine "Dneprospetsstal".